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All of our groups are led by the people we serve. Our members lead our projects with their brilliant ideas for supporting mental health, wellbeing and living our values “helping others to help ourselves.

Our men’s social groups decided to fundraise to make essentials bags for the homeless and people in need. They distributed these from November and continue to do so. A great example of building confidence whilst giving back to the community. Helping others is a key part of living a meaningful life and gives us a sense of purpose.

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Together Is Better

We understand that due to the Covid-19 issue many people are feeling more isolated than ever. We wanted to give back and say a huge thank you to our members by making sure none of member ate alone. We received all the ingredients for a Christmas meal from Swinfen Hall Prison and One Love Community kindly borrowed us space to prepare our three course meal. Together we were able to put the Christmas spirit back into festivities for these members.

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Built To Last

One of our members celebrating her success as she finishes our bespoke confidence building course. The SOS course helps individuals to understand and build the toolkit they need to become experts in their own selfcare. We want everyone to go on and lead independent and meaningful lives. We love it when members become volunteers and part of our organisation, celebrating all their wins with them on their journey to recovery.


Latest Projects

We are launching our very own podcast. The focus of our podcast will be centred around mental health and wellbeing. We will be talking to clinical experts, holistic therapists, and the people we work for. We believe everyone has a valid and interesting opinion on mental health as its something we all have. Part of our vision is to breakdown the stigma around mental health and we can’t wait to give a platform to all the wonderful people who have allowed us to be a part of their journey.

Working with Near Neighbours we are excited to launch our series of podcasts called “Belief and mental health” from 18th January. In this series people will explore how their belief systems have supported their mental health and share information. If you would like more info or wish to take part please contact

We love seeing our members face to face but we know that isn’t always possible and we know that sometimes its nice to see a friendly face from the comfort of our own sofa. Our Sister Circle and men’s social groups are available through Whatsapp. The groups allow local people to chat and receive support through us and each other. Our workshops are available through Zoom and this gives people an opportunity to receive free learning tools and learn with others. If you would like to join our groups or would like more info please complete the form or email info@themindkindprojects and we will contact you within 48hours.

The Be MindKind YouTube Channel launched in January 2021. Our members are able to access videos to support their daily routine including facial yoga and relaxation and mindfulness. We believe self care and creativity can support us to live a more healthy and meaningful life. You will also be able to access videos on healthy eating, how to make delicious and simple meals. Art and craft and gardening. The great thing about our channel is all of the videos have been made by local people who have supported our project and live within the Walsall community.

We continue with our wellbeing walks at the Arboretum, Reedswood Park and Pleck Park throughout the week. Walking is well known to reduce mental stress and is great for overall well being. Please find groups advertised on Next Door and meet up. Alternatively send us an email and we will be sure to let you know where the nearest group is to you! Happy Walking

We have more exciting new projects waiting to be launched, we are working with partners such as Walsall Outreach and The Recovery Union.

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